Маникюрные столы

Multifunktsionaalne Maniküüri töökoht Silver Fox n-01

373,20 €
Our multifunctional nail work station has a steamlined design which combines a nail driller, UV nail dtyer, dust collector and LED magnifying lamp together, so you can do an entire manicure with one piece of professional drying equipment. Magnifying lamp helps you detect sight changes on skin and nails. 8 different timers can be set individually for this nail polish dryer. Automatic induction starts curing when you put your hand inside and turns off when you pull it out. UV lamp curing and fan work individually or together according to your requirements.

Maniküürilaud Louise, Sibel

600,00 €
Maniküürilaud ratastel Klaasist lauaplaadiga maniküürilaud. Mõõdud: 112 x 45 x 78 cm.

Manicure Table Alice

299,00 €
Practical and functional 2-in-one manicure desk with foldaway work surface and storage unit. The storage unit is made of MDF and comprises a drawer with dividers for products, a drawer caddy with two shelves and a hand rest. The top drawer can be completely pulled out to serve as a display for products on the worktop. 45x110,5x77 cm

Maniküürilaud Hairway

336,00 €
Karastatud klaasist töötasapinnaga maniküürilaud. Komplektis randmetugi ja küünetolmu imur. Mõõtmed: 120 x 74 x 50 cm

Мешок для сбора пыли для настольного пылесоса

3,60 €
Мешок для сбора пыли для настольного пылесоса.