Пилки для педикюра

Gehwol Waterproof kannaviil

12,20 €
Parim professionaalse kvaliteediga veekindel puitalusel kannaviil.

Ergonomic pedicure files S

5,90 €
These hardwearing nickel files are sterilizer-friendly. For softening foot calluses in a trice. Soft-touch ergonomic handle for a comfortable, firm grip. For use on dry or wet skin. S - for filing on the move and treating small areas

Peggy Sage Ergonomic 2-way pedicure file

4,30 €
The ceramic surface can be used to remove dead skin and calluses. One side is coarse grit 80 for removing calluses and the other is fine-grit 150 for smoothing. Light and easy to hold. Ergonomic. Rub with the coarse-grit inside of the file to remove the worst of the dead skin and calluses, etc. Then file with the other side to refine and smooth the skin texture gently and on the more sensitive areas. Run hot water over the file after use and dry it with a cloth.

Metal pedicure file

16,50 €
Honeycomb side for filing calluses. Smooth side for thinner skin and for refining the skin texture.

2-way pedicure file

11,20 €
For removing dead skin and reducing the thickness of dry areas on the feet. Leaves the skin on the feet cleaner and more supple.

Peggy Sage Adhesive sanding bands 10pcs

5,90 €
Sanding bands to use with the stainless steel pedicure rasp (item code 300401). To be thrown away after each use to avoid any risk of mycosis contamination. 2 models of sanding bands: fine and standard, to suit the different types of hyperkeratosis.

Peggy Sage Stainless Steel Pedicure Rasp

25,80 €
The disposable sanding bands are changed after every use, thereby avoiding any risk of mycosis contamination. Contains two types of sanding bands (fine and standard).

Nail surface pedicure bit

6,20 €
Economical twin packs of professional electric nail file bits suitable for all types of nail work.