Jaguar fileerkäärid Charm 38 5,5"

Jaguar fileerkäärid Charm 38 5,5"

Saadavus: Tellimisel

85,00 €

Tootekood: 36555

With its 38 teeth, the Jaguar Charm 38 gives a medium-light cut and with each tooth having a fine, V-shaped serration, you can be sure that the hair won't slip on the blade and each cut will be ultra precise.

The blades are forged from ice-tempered high quality steel which gives them excellent durability and ensures a gleaming, polished finish. They're held together by Jaguar's VARIO screw system which can be adjusted with just a coin.

The handles are offset for comfort and feature a smooth profile for a more traditional feel when cutting.

The Jaguar Charm 38 Thinner is 5.5 inches long.

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