Andis USPro

Andis USPro Li Cordless juukselõikusmasin

Saadavus: Laos

144,00 €

Tootekood: 73010

25% lighter than the corded usPRO Clipper

• Lithium-Ion powered battery for robust and long-lasting power.
• Features up to 2 hours of run time and charges in 90 minutes or less.
• Weighs less than 10 oz., perfect for all day, ergonomic use that won't weigh you down.
• Cord/Cordless operation for reliable power to last you all day long.
• High-speed adjustable blade (000 to 1).
• Can be zero-gapped.
Strokes per Minute5500 spm
Volts100-240 V
Frequency50-60 Hz

Kaal: 263g.

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