Jaguar JaguArt Scissors Freak 5,5"

Jaguar JaguArt Scissors Freak 5,5"

Saadavus: Laos

112,00 €

Tootekood: 45255-12

The Jaguart Freak 5.5" is one of the new deisgns in the JaguART body collection and features a Tattoo pattern.

It's design is offset, wich gives you an ergonomic handle for more relaxed work and offers a protective coating for those with a nickel allergy.

The blades have a flat cutting edge which makes them very sharp and they've been honed and hollow ground, making them ideal for slice cutting.

Jaguar's unique VARIO screw system joins the blades, which is adjustable using only a coin (no need to hunt for a special tool).

The scissors is forged from Fridour ice-tempered stainless steel which gives it durability and a longer lasting cutting performance.