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Terms of Warranty

The furniture of HairLine OÜ has a 1-year warranty. The term of warranty begins from the day following the day of delivery of the product to the purchaser. The warranty is valid on the condition that the assembly instructions of the furniture are complied with upon installing the product, the furniture has been used purposefully and maintained properly.

In order to perform the rights provided by the warranty, the purchaser must notify HairLine OÜ of any defects which become apparent during the term of warranty within a reasonable time (1 month) with a written complaint. The complaint must include the name of the defective product (article number) and the description of the defect.

The warranty is valid on the condition that the purchaser has used furniture and other interior elements purposefully, adhered to the instructions of use, maintenance and other instructions.

Removing nonconformities which are not covered by warranty may take place by way of repairing the product or replacing it if repairing turns out to be impossible.

When cleaning taps and furniture, avoid cleaning agents and tools which contain alcohol, solvents, acid and abrasive particles.

Check occasionally that all bolts, nuts and screws are tightened. For this, you will need to place the item upside down on the floor.

 The main rule: do not use force on the product – sharp objects, coarse scrubbing sponges, solvents, bleaches, nail polish remover, vinegar, citric acid, abrasive cleaning powders or tools, etc.

The warranty does not expand to:

  • Mechanical damage, breaking and unforeseeable circumstances influencing the product, such as fire, flood, vandalism, etc.
  • Installation defects and product defects caused by incorrect installation if the assembly was not carried out by HairLine OÜ.
  • The warranty is void if the furniture broke due to excessive loads.
  • If the furniture has been repaired by the purchaser or third persons during the term of warranty without the prior written agreement of HairLine OÜ.
  • If the damage to the furniture was caused due to improper handling, storage or transport.
  • The warranty does not cover damages caused by negligent use of the furniture, intentional damage, breakage or non-purposeful use of the furniture.
  • The warranty does not cover regular changes in colour, natural wear and tear or small defects which do not influence the purposeful use of the furniture (such as scratches of the surface cover).
  • HairLine OÜ is not liable for the depreciation of furniture.


Professional work: 25 euros per hour + 20% VAT.

Transport fees: 25 euros per hour in Tallinn, €1 per km is added outside of Tallinn (the price includes 20% VAT). Expert assessment fees are charged according to the expert’s invoice.

If the purchaser submits a complaint regarding the product and it turns out not to be a production error then the purchaser shall cover all expenses related to resolving the complaint (work, materials used for repair, expert assessment costs, etc.) according to the valid price list.

Defective or damaged products are replaced according to the law of Estonia.

Warranty repairs and maintenance of furniture purchased from our store takes place in our service centre in the Hairline store and warehouse in Tallinn, Osmussaare tee 8.

Warranty repairs are carried out on the basis of a purchase receipt indicating the date of purchase of the product.



Leather is pleasant and long-lasting as furniture cover material and its properties only continue to improve over time. Nevertheless, keep in mind that leather is a genuine natural material which needs proper maintenance to preserve its fresh looks.


Faux leather has a base layer of textile covered with 100% polyurethane. Due to a strong cover, the maintenance of such leather products is entirely different from leather without any surface treatments.

Only the polyurethane cover needs to be treated.

  • Clean from dust with a smooth, dry or slightly moist cloth. Every 3-6 months, leather must be cleaned with a special PU-Protector agent. Moist a smooth soft cloth with the agent and wipe the surface of the leather.
  • PU-treated leather is durable but low-breathing. Due to the covering, the leather is “colder” than leather without any surface treatment and may stick to the skin a lot when sitting down.

NB! PU-treated leather is sensitive to grease. For this reason, do not use “regular” leather treatment agents – the surface may become matte and sticky.


  • Petroleum and solvents.
  • Alkaline and acidic cleaning agents.
  • Cleaning agents intended for scrubbing.
  • Excessively dry indoor air, proximity of a radiator or other heat source, direct sunlight.
  • Colouring textiles on the leather – textile may bleed to the leather (such as jeans).
  • Making leather wet and scrubbing wet leather.


Warranty issued by: HairLine OÜ