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BC Excellium Taming Milk 100ml Quick View

BC Excellium Taming Milk 100ml

Regular Price: €14.90

Special Price €7.45

Silendav emulsioon karmidele, värvitud juustele Silendav emulsioon kontrollib hallinenud juuste elujõudu ja värvi. Q10+ ja Omega3 aktiveerivad peanaha talitlust, samas hooldavad ja taltsutavad karme juukseid. Kaitseb föönikuumuse eest. Tulemuseks siledad ja elujõulised juuksed.
OSIS+ Big Blast volüümigeel 200ml Quick View

OSIS+ Big Blast volüümigeel 200ml

Regular Price: €14.50

Special Price €7.25

Kerge volüümigeel + uskumatu volüüm tüvest alates + tugev kinnitus, ei kleepu + püsiv kontroll. Kasutamine: Kanna rätikukuivadesse juustesse juustesse ja föönita.

Mr.Natty Sunshine Beard elixir 8ml

Skin can get dry under your face forest and some of those hairs have a nasty habit of ingrowing. Just massaging a few drops of our elixir into your beard or heavy stubble will help your face feel invigorated while your skin is gently moisturised (helping to alleviate ingrowing hairs) and your beard is conditioned.

Mr.Natty Lucky 3 Beard Elixir 8ml

Our Lucky 3 Beard Elixir is blended with these essential oils: Sandalwood: a warming oil that keeps you smelling incredible all day long and also helps control excess sebum which can make your beard appear greasy. Our sandalwood is from a sustainable source. Avocado: rich in nutrients to soften coarse and unruly beards and condition the skin. Eucalyptus: a soothing and calming oil to help combat skin irritation. Cedarwood has been used for its reputed antiseptic and astringent properties - to soothe your skin. It is 100% natural.