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Mr.Natty Sunshine Beard elixir 8ml

Mr.Natty Sunshine Beard elixir 8ml

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Skin can get dry under your face forest and some of those hairs have a nasty habit of ingrowing. Just massaging a few drops of our elixir into your beard or heavy stubble will help your face feel invigorated while your skin is gently moisturised (helping to alleviate ingrowing hairs) and your beard is conditioned.


Mr Natty’s Famous Beard Elixir is now so popular we’ve had to build a new shed to make it in. All in a froth after putting said shed up in a British heatwave, we felt the need for a fresh, summery scent to set your beards aglow. Introducing our Bring Me Sunshine Beard Elixir: you know we like a bit of the traditional brought bang up to date, so we’ve started out with citrus notes and mixed it up with a bit of black pepper and vetiver to bring it that special Natty touch. It reminds Mr Natty of balmy evenings by the Amalfi coast or sitting by a fire in the desert in Rajasthan. Both noble and suitably idle summer pursuits.

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