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Mõeldes meestele! MrNatty habeme- ja juuksehooldustooted Inglismaalt. Mida peaks teadma: Mr Natty eksisteerib päriselt. Ta on klassikaliselt koolitatud Briti õukonna habemeajaja. Kõik Mr Natty tooted on välja mõeldud kui tal tekib mõtte välgatus. Kõige olulisemana peaksid Sa teadma, et Mr Natty tooted on valmistatud, kasutatud ja kantud habemeajajate poolt.

Mr.Natty Shave Cream 100ml

MrNatty Shave Cream * With Allantoin * Smooth, sharp shave * Moisturising lather * Lime, mandarin & basil scent For the best shave you need moisture. Taking whiskers from your face can be aggravating so, the smoother the process, the better the shave. Our self-lathering shave cream is formulated with allantoin. That’s because its properties smooth, moisturise and leave skin supple and more radiant. We add a dash of coconut oil to soothe dry, itchy and sensitive skin and a lime, basil and mandarin scent, so you feel like a million dollars. With Natural ingredients. No parabens No microbeads No animal testing

Mr.Natty Men's skincare 75ml

MrNatty Men's skincare * Anti-Aging * Anti-pollution * Rejuvenating * Purifying Our Urban Protection Factor (UPF) helps to protect and purify skin from the perils of city pollution. Made with natural ingredients our unique formulation of Swiss cress, lettuce and cucumber cools, calms and soothes the skin and helps prevent the visible aging process. Vitamin E is used to protect your skin with its antioxidant properties. This fragrance free, non-greasy moisturiser contains micro clays to absorb and reduce the appearance of oily skin and pores. With Natural Ingredients No parabens No microbeads No animal testing

Mr.Natty Triple S Sea Salt Spray 125ml

* Surf hair look * Adds texture and volume * Loose hold * Coconut scent Bringing a salty beach lifestyle to ya locks, our Triple S Sea Salt Spray is formulated to have the same salinity as the ocean, plus a subtle whiff of coconut. Spray it directly onto your hair, run through with your fngers and let it dry naturally. Or give it a slight mist and then dry it in with hair dryer (to create more volume). Either way, you’ll give yer barnet a rough, beach bum texture that’ll make you feel like you’ve been catching waves in Malibu (or Margate) since dawn.

Mr.Natty Lucky 3 Beard Elixir 8ml

Our Lucky 3 Beard Elixir is blended with these essential oils: Sandalwood: a warming oil that keeps you smelling incredible all day long and also helps control excess sebum which can make your beard appear greasy. Our sandalwood is from a sustainable source. Avocado: rich in nutrients to soften coarse and unruly beards and condition the skin. Eucalyptus: a soothing and calming oil to help combat skin irritation. Cedarwood has been used for its reputed antiseptic and astringent properties - to soothe your skin. It is 100% natural.

Mr.Natty Famous Beard Elixir 8ml

Skin can get dry under your face forest and some of those hairs have a nasty habit of ingrowing. Just massaging a few drops of our elixir into your beard or heavy stubble will help your face feel invigorated while your skin is gently moisturised (helping to alleviate ingrowing hairs) and your beard is conditioned.

Mr.Natty Sunshine Beard elixir 8ml

Skin can get dry under your face forest and some of those hairs have a nasty habit of ingrowing. Just massaging a few drops of our elixir into your beard or heavy stubble will help your face feel invigorated while your skin is gently moisturised (helping to alleviate ingrowing hairs) and your beard is conditioned.

Mr.Natty Shave oil 30ml

Mr Natty shall suppose you have an inkling of know-how to rid yourself of facial hair. If not, here is a timely reminder: always splash your lovely chops with warm water. Even better, shave after a hot shower so that your pores have opened up to let those bristles loosen up. Massage a few drops of shave oil into your whiskers and then shave as usual (nice sharp blade, please). Rinse. Then, as it says on the bottle, your face feels like a baby’s behind. Step into the street and feel the wind in your face like an ace fighter pilot. It’s good to be alive.

Mr.Natty FFS Beard Shampoo 80g

FFS is gentle enough to use daily. Once you’ve towel dried your happy, hairy face don’t be shy; shower more Natty love upon it with some of our Famous Beard Elixir. It will merely underline the good work you’ve already done. Just don’t be too smug. It’s not becoming.

Mr.Natty Moustache Wax 10g

For best results the Twizzle Wax needs to be warm. Work your finger around the tin to create some heat, then, with your thumb and forefinger, twizzle the wax into your ‘tache in your own Natty style. Keep it in your trousers with your loose change and bus tickets, it should warm it nicely – but hands out of your pockets ‘til you need the stuff, young man. Empires are definitely not created by those playing pocket billiards.

Mr.Natty Lip Salve 10g

Apply to lips. Pucker. Kiss (if you’re lucky).

Mr.Natty Save Ya Own Skin Moisturiser 30g

Give it a quick rub in your hands and then massage it into yer chops. We made this to keep your skin moisturised and, like all Natty goods, it smells amazing. The pot isn’t massive, but you don’t need a lot. You only need a little on your face, a spot about the size of a penny. Rub it in well to make sure it’s evenly applied. Should there be any excess just work it into your hands, they are often neglected. Just don’t go crazy with it, you don’t want shine, just moisture. Using it before lights out works a treat. It’s nice to have something working for you while you sleep.

Mr.Natty Alum Shaving Bar 100g

Running late? Got an interview? Put on a white shirt? Date night? YOU WILL cut yourself shaving. Don’t panic. Mildly curse. Wet the block and rub it gently onto the shaved area you’ve just nicked. Let the alum salts dry on your face. It may sting. This is normal - JUST DEAL WITH IT. While your face is smarting clean the block with water, dry it off and store in a dry place where air can get to it. Keep it wet and it and will dissolve and you’ll be right back on this page buying another one sooner than you think.

Mr.Natty Pomade Wax 100ml

This is a high-shine classic pomade, perfect for short back and sides as it offers a tight hold for your hair. When applying to your barnet start with a small amount and use more as you need it. For a classic, true rocker style comb it through with a wide toothed comb. Never use a brush, the comb moves easier through the hair makes it easier to style and finish. Our Pomade Wax washes out easily just apply shampoo to dry hair before you put your head under the shower. It loosens the product out so its easier to rinse away.

Mr.Natty Paste 100ml

Our Paste has a looser, less tacky consistency than our Clay. It’s good if you have a little more length in your hair, if you’re working a ‘high and tight’ for instance. As always, apply a little bit and see how you go. It can be applied on wet or dry hair. When wet it makes for a classic combed or brushed finish with some shine. On dry hair it brings a light sheen that makes your hair appear more groomed.

Mr.Natty shower wash 250ml

It’s a shower wash. Get in the shower. Wet your entire body with water. Scrub up. Top to toe (do behind your ears). Rinse off. We’ve made this to lather up proper lively, and you don’t need loads - a bit on yer bonce and then use the foam to give your port and starboard a clean. Always remember below decks.

Mr.Natty Scrubs Up Proper Pack

Our Shipwreck Soap is a real all-rounder. We call it Shipwreck because if you’re in a pickle it’s all you need. First up it’s a great soap, then, because it lathers so well you can use it as a shampoo and a even as a shaving soap. Finally, if you’re really up the creek without a deodorant, let it dry and use it underarm to get you through the day. Our Shave Oil is an all natural formula because we don’t think you should be drying out your face when you shave. Its subtle blend of natural essential oils helps keep you looking sharp. If you’re not too stubbly this will do the job on its own.

Mr.Natty Face Flair Kit- komplekt 3 toodet

Sisaldab: 1x Famous Beard habeme eliksiir 1x Bring Me Sunshine Beard habeme eliksiir 1x Shave Ya Own Skin niisutav võie. Iseloomustus: Famous Beard habeme eliksiir: Meie originaalne habemete päästja. Niisutab ja hooldab armastatud habemeid. Bring Me Sunshine Beard habeme eliksiir: Nagu juba eelnevalt öeldud, hoiab sinu habeme eriti heas konditsioonis. Tsitruse ja mustapipra lõhnaline. Shave Ya Own Skin niisutav või: Kuivale ja tundlikule nahale. Sheavõi ja oliivi oli niisutavad su nahka samal ajal kui patšuli ja bergamot õli taandavad põletikke.

Mr.Natty Shaven Flair Kit

This is the Sharp Shaven Fellas Emergency Flair Kit. It’s right mouthful, but we’ve printed them all now – so deal with it. It’s got everything you need for a proper Natty shave including our new, beech wood handled razor (you can replace the blades – none of this chuck away nonsense). There’s also our one stop – perfect for travelling – 100% natural Shave Oil and a tin of our Save Ya Own Skin. That’s totally natural too and hydrates you up a treat post-shave with its moisturising shea butter and zesty citrus scent.