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In early 1921, Mathew Andis, Sr. built a working model of an electric clipper. Small and self-contained, this new clipper withstood every possible performance test. Production began in the basement of the family home; Anna Andis, his wife, wound coils and the rest of the family assembled the clippers. Mathew sold them door to door to the barbershops of Racine and the surrounding area. Convinced that he had created the best clipper on the market, he borrowed a little capital and established the Andis Clipper Company a year later.

Andis Profoil habemeajamismasin

• Lithium-ion battery provides maximum power. • Delivers over 1 hour of runtime on a single charge - 2x longer than other shavers. • Lightweight - less than 5 ounces. • Powerful and quiet rotary motor. • Gold titanium hypo-allergenic foil for irritation-free shaving. Volts100-240 V Frequency 50-60 Hz In The Package: 1.Dual Voltage Charger 2.Brush 3.Blade Guard

Andis Multitrim Cordless Trimmer

Kombineeritud võrgu- või akutoitega trimmeril on ülitõhus liitium-ioon aku. Masin töötab akutoitel kuni 120minutit. Trimmeril on T-tald ning kaks kahepoolset lõikuskammi (3mm, 4,5mm, 6mm ja 9mm).

Andis Nation Cordless USPro Li Fade juukselõikusmasin

Stiilne Andis Nation juukselõikusmasin süsinikterasest teraga.Kombineeritud võrgu- või akutoitega juukselõikusmasinal on ülitõhus liitium-ioon aku. masin töötab akutoitel kuni 120minutit ning aku täislaadimiseks kulub kuni 90 minutit. Masin kaalub vaid 280g, on ergonoomilise kujuga ning sobib suurepäraselt töötamaks kogu päeva. Tera pikkus on kiirelt reguleeritav 0 - 1mm. Lisaks on kaasas 5 lõikuskammi. Tehnilised andmed: 120-240V | 50-60Hz | MAX 6000SPM

Andis Foil & Cutter for Profoil Shaver

Varuterad ja foolium Andis Profoil habemeajamismasinale

Andis cordless T-outliner lihtum-ion trimmer

The classic performance you expect from the T-Outliner, now with cordless freedom and convenience. • Lithium-ion battery delivers over 100 minutes of nonstop run time; charges in just 1 hour • Extremely powerful, high-speed rotary motor with blade speeds over 7,200 SPM • Features constant speed technology; won't drag or stall through heavy and thick hair types • Close-cutting, carbon-steel T-blade for lining, designing and dry shaving - can be zero gapped • Cord/cordless operation features an LED light to indicate battery power levels

Andis tera puhastushari

Perfect for cleaning clipper and trimmer blades. Super-soft bristles.

Andis T-Liner+ Cordless trimmer

• Cordless, heavy-duty trimmer. • 3 detachable blades: wide, square and T-blade. • 12 attachment combs.

Andis Fast Trim 2

• 4 in 1 trimmer for quick, easy facial grooming • Easy to clean stainless steel blades resist rust • Interchangeable heads

22720 Fast Trim 2 - CC from Andis Company on Vimeo.

Andis Blade Care Plus- juukselõikusmasina hooldussprei

Kvaliteetne õli juukselõikusmasinatele 7-ühes toode juukselõikumasina terade puhastamiseks, õlitamiseks ja jahutamiseks; värskendamiseks, rooste ennetamiseks ja desinfitseerimiseks. Rikastatud E-vitamiiniga. Pihusta Andis Blade Care Plussi masina terale, et puhastada see juuksekarvadest ja mustusest.

Andis Slimline Pro Li trimmer

• Balanced rotary motor trimmer for trimming the neckline and light-duty touch-ups. • Lithium Ion battery provides 2 hours of run time with a 2 hour 30 minute charge time. • New blade design feeds hair more efficiently, runs faster, cooler and lasts longer. In The Package 1.Trimmer 2.Charging Plugs 3.Tube of Blade Oil 4.European Charger Adapter 5.Four attachment combs: 0 (1/16") 1.5mm, 1 (1/8") 3mm, 2 (1/4") 6mm, 3 (3/8") 10mm 6.Cord Pack Adapter 7.Brush

Andis T-Outliner trimmer

Best for: Outlining, dry shaving and fading • Magnetic motor trimmer the professional standard for all -around outlining, dry shaving and fading. • Close-cutting, carbon-steel T-blade for detailing. • Powerful, high-speed motor runs cool and quiet. • Contoured housing fits comfortably in your hand. • Heavy-duty 2.5 meter cord with hanger loop.

Andis Superliner trimmer+habemeajamis otsik

All-around outlining, dry shaving and fading * Rotary motor trimmer for all-around outlining, dry shaving and fading. * Smooth, sleek, lightweight design. * Detachable blades change and clean easily. * Multiple attachment options. VERSATILE: Detachable T-blade trimmer with bonus shaver head attachment Rotary Motor 120V | 50/60Hz | MAX 5500SPM

Andis USPro Li Cordless juukselõikusmasin

LIGHTWEIGHT: 25% lighter than the corded usPRO Clipper • Lithium-Ion powered battery for robust and long-lasting power. • Features up to 2 hours of run time and charges in 90 minutes or less. • Weighs less than 10 oz., perfect for all day, ergonomic use that won't weigh you down. • Cord/Cordless operation for reliable power to last you all day long. • High-speed adjustable blade (000 to 1). • Can be zero-gapped. Motor TypeRotary Strokes per Minute5500 spm Volts100-240 V Frequency50-60 Hz Kaal: 263g.

Andis ProAlloy juukselõikusmasin

• Patent-pending XTR Technology™ provides an extreme temperature reduction while keeping the clipper running efficiently and quietly. • High speed, reliable magnetic motor. • High-quality adjustable carbon steel blade (000 to 1). • Durable alloy housing body with ergonomic design. XTR TECHNOLOGY™: Cooler, quieter and powerful Magnetic Motor 240V | 50Hz | MAX 6000SPM

Andis kamm must

Best for: Clipper-over-comb technique on light hair. • Great for clipper-cuts and flattops. • Use when working with light colored hair.

Andis kamm valge

Best for: Clipper-over-comb technique on light hair. * Great for clipper-cuts and flattops. * Use when working with light colored hair.

Andis magnetiliste taldade komplekt L

Juukselõikusmasina magnetiliste taldade komplekt 4tk Nr. 5 - 16mm nr. 6 - 19mm nr. 7 - 22mm nr. 8 - 25,5mm Sobib masinatele: Andis USPro Li Cordless, Andis USPro Adjustable Blade, Andis Fade, Andis ProAlloy.

Andis magnetiliste taldade komplekt S

Juukselõikusmasina magnetiliste taldade komplekt 5tk Nr. 0 - 1,5mm nr. 1 - 3mm nr. 2 - 6mm nr. 3 - 10mm nr. 4 - 13mm Sobib masinatele: Andis USPro Li Cordless, Andis USPro Adjustable Blade, Andis Fade, Andis ProAlloy.

Andis juukselõikusmasina õli 118ml

Kvaliteetne õli juukselõikusmasinate õlitamiseks. Sobib kasutamiseks ka kääridel.

Andis Cool Care Plus

• Five-in-one coolant, disinfectant, lubricant, cleaner, rust preventative and disinfectant (virucide, fungicide, bactericide and tuberculocide) with a country-fresh scent. • Easy to use spray-no need to remove the blade from the clipper. • High pressure comfort tip nozzle quickly sprays hair out of blade teeth.